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The journey of General Wolf started with Les Maull and Ron Hales joining the already established AOR band Moselle in 1983. Moselle's career lasted just 12 months and during that time released the successful single "Call Me". 


General Wolf were formed out of the ashes of Moselle. 

The concept of the band belonged to Les Maull, described by Carlin Music as a great vocalist and songwriter.  Les and Ron were joined by guitarist Chris Brown, bass play Dave Ritchie and drummer Dave Taylor.  The line up went through several different changes between 1983 and 1987. 

In 1986 General Wolf released their first single "I Believe in Love" which was critically acclaimed by the music press in the UK, Holland and Germany.  The band went on to make several TV appearances and continued touring throughout the UK.

Over the next couple of years the band built up a huge fan base and in 1987 won an International song contest with the songs "I Believe in Love" and "Runaway" which are featured on the album.

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£11.99  inc P&P  UK

rest of world please contact for price

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